USA Immigration Policy and Practice – What Needs Reform?

1608 ImmigrationAs usual, this post is focused entirely on lesser-known facts. Because of the complexity of the subject, I’ve provided a small amount of interpretation at the end. You’re welcome to your own interpretations of course!

This post contains:

  • Facts about current US Immigration Policy: both a summary and a next-level detail look. (There are plenty of further details)
  • A simple pair of case studies
  • Ombudsman Report explanations of the problem, 2006 and 2016
  • Brief examination of why the problem exists

Current Policy, Oversimplified but Accurate

Here’s a summary of the current US policy. Some good questions to ask as you read: what needs comprehensive reform?  What about the current policy is not compassionate?

Sources: Overall policy and Employment-based immigration policy

Policy Highlights

  • Unified Families are top priority
  • Most categories have no limits on legal immigration, including bringing in immediate family members, agricultural workers, etc.
  • Most (all?) categories allow unlimited number of immediate family members to accompany
  • Those who come for economic reasons need economic sponsorship and demonstration that their presence will not replace a qualified US citizen’s job
  • No limit on Asylum admissions; the Refugee limit is completely flexible, determined annually

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